Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Tales of You & Me Mini Album/Flip Folio

Hey readers, I have really loved using these gorgeous papers from Prima Marketing and I am sorry to say I have just about exhausted all that I received from Faith Pocock Craft Studio.  I have a few projects planned with scraps and snippets I have left over.  I tried so hard to get the most I could out of them.  I had so many ideas and projects that I wanted to do with these papers. One of those WANTS was a mini album.  I soon realised tho' that I just didn't have enough for a full blown mini with all the pockets, tags - basically everything that opens and shuts.  However I did have a enough for a little mini photo folio or flip album.

This little album was totally inspired and created from SuperHappyScrapper over on youtube.   Chandra offers great tutorials for free and I couldn't resist making her Mini Folio Folder Tutorial for this mini.   Now I have used her tutorial pretty close to the letter, all I have done is punched my edges and flipped my front cover so that opens on the opposite side....oh and I added a belly band with a trifold booklet to house more photo's.   So I will stop yabbering and share the pics...

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Monday, 19 September 2016

Altered Cassette Case

Hi everyone, back again with another project to share with you all.  I found this really cool idea on Pinterest one night whilst I was browsing from my phone.  I wish I had pinned it to one of my boards, because when I went to try and find it again I couldn't.  I have seen a lot of these old cassette cases transformed into gorgeous stickpin holders, but not that many to hold a your mobile phone, ipod or similar devices.  This is such a super quick project for gift giving and it uses up all those little leftovers we have from our papers.

I have used  the lovely Chantilly Cream papers from Meg's Garden and totally covered all sides of the case and embellished it with snippets of trim and velvet flowers.

All supplies for this project can be found at here at Megs Garden.

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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Shabby Chic Altered Notebook

Hi all , welcome back.  Today I have a Shabby Chic inspired altered notebook using the fabulous Prima Marketing Collection "Tales of You and Me".  I was really only going for a little notebook that you could carry around in your purse, but once I got crafting on it, I got a little carried away and now it is more of a Journal.  I really love how it turned out.  These papers came from Faith Pocock Craft Studio some time ago.  Yes readers, I am guilty of hoarding them just a little.  I am trying to do my best at getting the most out of them as I can, so the next few posts are going to be from this collection.

I have quite a few of these little notebooks with various coloured pens in my stash .  I thought, with its Kraft cardboard covers, that it would go perfectly with the Tales of You and Me Collection.

I really have no process pics of this project, but I do have a few lovely glamour shots to share.

I have used some pearl flower trim along the spine.  You can find this here!product/prd1/2123484635/double-round-trim.  I have also teamed up some of Faiths metal leaves with a paper gardenia from my stash.

Now here are the rest of the photos

 On the inside front cover I have created two diagonal pockets.  These house a couple of journalling tags.  OR if this ends up being gifted I can write a lovely message on the tag for the lucky recipient.

 I have used a small string tie envelope on the inside back cover.  I thought that this would be a great place to tuck some little tickets or memorbilia

and  lastly just  a couple of  close ups on the lovely flower from the front cover!!

Well readers that is my small paper project for this week

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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Hey all......

Do you notice that is how I begin all my posts?? and it is getting a little old hey?, but for the life of me I seem to be stuck on a funk with it, kinda like some form of writers block or something.  I come here and sit down to write and all that I can come up with as intro to my post is "hey all".  I have to admit that I am a little over it - well a lot over and if I am then you the reader are too.  So if any of you can help get me out of funk with some suggestions on how to start a post please PLEEEEAAAASSSEEE leave a comment below.  Because let me assure you I would be extremely grateful for any input right about now.

So now onto what this post is about....well believe it or not I have nothing to share with you all today.  No paper projects or dabblings in mixed media: no altered boxes or mini albums.  I am here today just to ramble to anyone out there who is willing to listen.  Mind you not that I have anything to rant or ramble about.  Maybe I should just rephrase that and say I just want have a chat and possibly bounce off some ideas I have for my blog.

Unfortunately this year for me has been one where I have had a few illnesses and health issues and it changed my life in little ways.  Like I have lost my passion for paper (and will go more into thatin another post).  I lost - or became disenchanted with facebook and I became disgusted with how much time I wasted there.  I never realised just how much of my day was taken up reading a feed that really didn't change from one hour to the next.

 I also became the proud owner of an iPad - my very first!! I know right!! a little late hey?  but then you know what they say better late than never!!  I have always been somewhat of an Android girl and swore I would never switch to IOS, BUT hubby gifted me one whilst I was confined to our lounge or bed.  I guess he grew frustrated with me trying to do stuff on antiquated 7 inch android tablet.  O M G people!!! I don't know why I didn't make the switch sooner.  I am still getting used to many things .... like the constant need for passwords ..... and the higher security level the IOS has, but I am loving my iPad.  I have downloaded an app for it called BLOGO and hopefully some of my future posts will be coming from there.  Once I teach myself the ins and outs of blogo ;)

Another change for me was Instagram!! Also another O M G moment.  I never realised just how much I under-used this form of social media!! I have had my instagram account for a few years now, but I often forgot about it.  Needless to say it was sitting there very much under-valued and under-loved.  That is until I fell out of love with Facebook.  One night, in need of inspiration I thought I would just head over to see what was happening on IG and did a search on #crochet and there right before my eyes a whole new world opened up for me....yes people I do live under rock lol!! What I can't get over is how warm and welcoming this community was....not only the IG community but the #crochetersofinstagram!!  They have welcomed me with open arms and have been so supportive of my projects.  I have found my new cyberplace to be...IG.  So  if you have an account please come by this is my IG link come see what I have been up to.

Well readers if you have managed to sit here and read till the end THANK YOU!! and I will leave you all with  a couple of photos of some crocheted phone cases I made for my daughter in law Emma....

Thanks for joining me on my long ramble today and wherever you are in the world - do what makes you happy ....


Thursday, 1 September 2016

Watercolours In Blues Mini Album

Hello crafters, I hope you have all been enjoying all the fabulous projects from the team.  Today I have a little mini album made from the Watercolours in Blue paper collection.

To create this album I first covered some chipboard with white cardstock 

 and then matted it with some blue.

I have used a mix of white and blue cardstock from stash to create three alternating signaturs

 I then sewed these to my spine using some crochet cotton.  

Once my pages were attached to the cardstock.

  I adhered the spine to my little book. 

I then began doing all the fun stuff!! Embellishing!!  Here is my finished mini album.

I hope you have enjoyed my mini album today.  Please be sure to stop by Meg's Garden to see her latest products.

Thank you for joining me today.  
....till next time
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