Wednesday, 27 May 2015

A Mini Mixed Media Canvas

Hey guys and welcome back to my blog.  Well this week I have been one might busy crafter! what with DT commitments mounting up and this ever growing pile of pocket letters!! I tell you I will be crafting for a month of Sundays to catch up.  But boy is it fun.   So this week I had a chance to play with some of those gorgeous supplies from FPCS and a wee little canvas. I covered it with dictionary paper and then sat there staring at it for a good while....hoping that it would just scrap itself or waiting for inspiration to strike!! So I took a leap of faith (lol no pun intended) and tried my hand at some mixed media and a touch of finnebar....Now please be gentle with me this is not my usual style and I was taking one giant almighty step out of my comfort zone with this one...

I have remembered to take a few process pics along the way and here they are

  Here are some of the supplies I grabbed.  I also drew a rough outline on my canvas where I wanted my elements to go.

 I trimmed down an old zipper from my stash

and added a brick wall with modelling paste....

I added a touch of Lindy's Stamp Gang Gold Dubloon and then began laying everything out on the canvas and just fiddling a little bit here and there till I was happy with the layout.

I  then gesso-ed everything twice. 

While they were drying I added some more gesso to the canvas and some Lindy's Stamp Gang in Gossamer Gold, Dark Chocolate Truffle and Tibetan Poppy Teal.

and this was my first coat.  I thought it was a bit dull and needed more colour ....
So I added more Tibetan  Poppy Teal..

but it still felt like it needed something it needed some warmth.  So I added some Autumn Maple Crimson and look at what happened....

I just love how it turned it went this gorgeous purple with the Tibetan Poppy teal still bleeding through in places....   

I actually have no real glamour shots to share this week, just these two...


Well readers that's all I have for you today, thanks for stopping by and taking a look, please come and like Faith's Store on Facebook and check out all the latest goodies she has for sale by clicking the links below.

....remember to live your bliss......
✿ღ.~♥  Much Love ♥~ღ.✿

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  1. Wow,Wow & Wow again! Kimi, welcome to mixed media lushness! I really hope you enjoyed creating this as you are a natural, honestly! My happy place is mixed media & I wouldn't have this idea or achieve these results. Oh I do get jealous when people "just get it" straight away! Ugh. Lol.
    The open zip & placement of metallic pieces is spot on, superb. The background is wonderful too. I absolutely adore this More please!! C