Sunday, 22 February 2015

Art Journalling ....

I don't know why, but this simple little title can fill me with fear and trepidation, but at the same time I am absolutely in love with this form of art and I am just dying to give it a go.  For me, I think it is stepping into the great unknown...there are no boundaries, parameters and there is this sense of complete freedom that I kinda find daunting.  However, this week I took a flying leap of faith and got myself a visual art diary that I endeavour to fill with my artful intentions.

Now peeps believe me, I am NO artist at all...I can't even draw a straight line!! In fact when they were dishing out the art bones I am sure I was off naval gazing somewhere...cause I sure missed out!  So, with that in mind I am sure you can understand why this blank page filled me with a sense of fear and dread....what to fill it with ....the possibilities are limitless, endless....infinite if you have an ounce of talent, but what about the likes of me....who only has a dream, a wish, a hope....

Well I thought how bad could it get....and it is about time that I embraced the imperfections and the stuff ups and just DO IT!!

So here it first dabble into the world of art journalling... please go easy on me guys...I really haven't got a clue how to do this or what I am doing....I am just dabbling... I began by adding a coat of white gesso..

Then I grabbed my pigment inks for Ink It Up and wiped the page with Cotton Candy Pink and Bright Yellow.  I used my crackle back ground stamp and some Tim Holtz Black Soot Distress Ink.....BAD move 'cause, when I sprayed it with Lindy's Stamp Gang Ramblin Rose Pink, the distress ink blurred and started to run.   Lesson learnt!! always ALWAYS  use Stazon
Soooo with lesson in mind I then stamped with my Jet black Stazon and my script background stamp.  Which you can just see in this pic below....You can also see I have added a hand drawn ribbon border and I wanted to add some texture so I peeled a paper napkin apart and layered it onto my page with some mod podge.  It also helped to tone down the bright inks...
Once the mod podge dried I just ripped off the excess.  I then used a stencil and some modelling paste to add even more texture...
From that paper napkin I ripped up, I glued the top layer down ... it was a tea cup with some macaroons.
 I then grabbed a black sharpie and filled out the ribbon border around the edge....
 added some lettering to form my title, some stamping with Tim Holtz Black Soot Distress Ink and I doodled some circles randomly around the outside of the ribbon
 .... I wanted to add some more colour so splattered some Lindy's Stamp Gang Tibetan Poppy Teal to it.
 I have also outlined some of the modelling paste with my black sharpie...
It was at this point that I stopped and stepped away from the page otherwise guys I think I would still be there adding a little bit here and a little bit there.  So there you have first attempt at art journalling.  It was lots of fun and I did enjoy the process and I will be making a few more attemtps but for now,  thanks for joining me today and till next time
✿ღ.~♥  Much Love ♥~ღ.✿

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  1. It is scary when we do something out of our comfort zone. But look at yr art journal... great texture, really cool edging, so creative. That feeling of freedom is worth it too! Good for you.... :)