Monday, 25 August 2014

Pocket Sized Mini Album

Hey guys I am back with that mini album tutorial I was talking about last week.  This one is not an original, it is one by Laura Denison over at Follow The Paper Trail.   I did change a few things up though. Soooooo? are you guys up for it?   Another one of my tutorials?  YES??? Ok then.

I started with a piece of cardstock that measures 8"x10". I scored it horizontally at 2, 4, 6 and 8 then rotate it and score it vertically at 4".

  Once you have scored it you will cut it as follows.  Beginning in the left hand bottom corner....cut the first score line to the 4 " centre score line. I f you take a look at the pic below.  You can cut on the solid black lines. That might be an easier way to explain it :)

 So your cuts should look something like the pic up there ^^^^I have then folded it in the meandering mini style....I have pics that may help.  If not and you are not sure how to fold I have added the link to a youtube vid that shows you how to do this.
 Once I folded everything I then went through and noted where I wanted to cut and where I wanted to use the border punch.

 I have cut 1/2" away and I have used a border punch on the opposite side.... Now my piece of cardstock looks something like this

 It now looks something like this.

 Next is to glue my sides up to create little pockets to house some tiny photo tags.... soo where you see my pencil a thin bead of glue to form your pockets. It would probably be easier to refer to this video link.

I now have a cover flap to glue to chipboard and four little pocket pages on the inside to decorate.

Here is my finished mini using Graphic 45's "An Eerie Tale".

I hope that you are able to follow my muddy instructions.  This is really a super quick project that will house passport size photo's.  I think I will have to create a few more of these little cuties for Christmas gifts.  Have you been to Mad About Scrappin yet?  Just follow the links below to see what my creative team members have been up to this month.  Don't forget to look us up on facebook.
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Well everyone, that is it from me for this week.  It was a rather long post this week, hope you all made it to the end :)

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Monday, 18 August 2014

"An Eerie Tale" Trinket box

G'day everyone.  Sooooo, who's up for another tutorial???? Lol after last weeks efforts I wouldn't blame you, if you all turned tail and ran for the hills.  This week I am sharing my Mad About Scrappin Monday project.  My design kit this month was jam packed with some awesome goodies that included two Graphic 45 pads. Now I am not really a halloween type person and it isn't a holiday we Aussies generally celebrate, but the "An Eerie Tale" collection are so gorgeous and the prints are very versatile.  I decided to try my hand at creating a small trinket type box. 
This was my inspiration...

and this is what I created.  

Now mine is much smaller than the original, but really quite simple to make and here is how I did it.

I have used some light to medium weight chipboard.  Actually guys it was the back off an old 12x12 paper pad.  I have cut it to measure 4¼ inches wide.

Each of my box sections measure:-
  • base:-   4 ¼  by 3 ¼
  • back/spine:-  4¼ by 2 inches
  • Lid top 4¼ by 2¾ inches
  • small little flap for closure:- 4¼" x 1"

inner box pieces measure:- 
  • sides:- 2 5/8 x 1 7/8 ...cut two of these
  • front panel:- 4" x 1 7/8

I then cut some black card stock pieces to hinge my box pieces together. 

 They measured 1¼inch wide by 4¼ long. I scored these at ½ inch and 5/8.   I inked up all my raw edges with some Stazon - Jet Black and then adhered my hinges to my chipboard pieces - making sure I was just under the score line. 

 This gives enough space to fold the box pieces without tearing or ripping the card stock.  

After hinging all my pieces together I them mat both sides of the raw chipboard and created a small hole to house my magnet.

With these outer sections done,  I moved onto creating the inner box sections.
  I cut some more black card stock to cover my inner box pieces.  It measures 
4" x 11¾". 
I have used my Tim holtz ruler as a guide for the placement of these pieces.  I have left 1/8th of an inch gap between each piece and have pre- cut some mats to cover the inside panels with.  
  Once the glue has dried I have very scored my edges and very gently worked these folds so that I could wrap my panels with out my cardstock ripping.
 I have also cut away some of  my cardstock so that when I fold my panels these pieces will be less bulky when it comes to gluing to the base of my box.
 I then gently worked the folds between each panel.
  I have folded and glued the top down. 
Once I had glued my tabs in place and formed the sides of my box. 
 I then used white glue to adhere them to that out base and spine of the box.
    I have also attached my other magnet piece for the closure.  
Once all the glue is dry the box is ready for covering and decorating.

I love how this cute little box turned out :)  As you can see by the photo's below it is quite small.
.....and as usual, here are her glamour shots....
 Doesn't she look so cute!!!
These gorgeous paper flowers that I have used on the lid can be found here. 

I want send Leanne a big THANK YOU for adding these gorgeous papers in my kit.  I have just loved working with them.  I have a few leftover to create a little mini album.  I am thinking a cute little pocket and tag style mini would be just the thing.  Come back next week guys to see how it turned out!!
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Well everyone, that is it from me for this week.  It was another long post this week, hope you all made it to the end :) and that these instructions were a little easier to follow.  If you would rather video tutorials...could you leave a comment below?
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