Monday, 26 May 2014

Finished Mini Album

It's finished!!! 

My mini is finished!!! Yaaaay!!! so without any further ado here are the pics.

 There really isn't much else to say... I think the pictures say it all.
Some of the products I used in the making of this mini were

I have shared this over on youtube... 
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Monday, 19 May 2014

Mad About Scrappin Monday

Hey there everyone....well it is Monday and today was supposed to be the day I shared with you all my finished mini!! You know the Work in progress one??
Well I did start to decorate .....

.......but then everything went pear shaped from there and my week turned into one of THOSE weeks and life just kept getting in the way and no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't catch up.  So it got to Friday and I am thinking O M G!!!! I haven't done my of course the first thing I did right after hyperventilating was hit the panic button...and thought "what can I do???" ... "what can I do???".

Now I know that there probably many Mums out there have been caught in similar situations with gift giving ideas that were needed like YESTERDAY!!! Soooooo today I have a really quick n easy project to share with you all that you can make straight from your left overs or even a complete paper collection.

Some cute little notebook holders....These can be personalised for that special someone or you can just keep them simple depending on your time....

 To create mine, I pulled out some scraps and embellishments from some of my past Mad About Scrappin kits...
a couple of packets of these little paper pads

seeing as tho' my pads measured 3"x5" I cut my strips 3 1/4"x12

  I scored each of these at:-
4 1/2"
4 3/4"
9 3/4
11 1/4"
 I then folded on the score lines so that my little notepad cover looked like this
 I folded the last 3/4" flap down and adhered it into place with some double sided tape.  I then wrapped the seam binding and lace all the way around to form sides so that the notepad could just slide underneath.

 I also rounded the corners to make it slide under a little smoother
 I also added a little strip of paper that you can slide the notebook into.  Now all I have to do is refill it!!

and here the finished notepad holders.  I have kept embellishments to a minimum so that you can just throw them in your handbag and not worry about damaging them too much.

You can find all the products I have used to create these cute little holders over at the Mad About Scrappin Store.  Come join us on facebook and follow the blog

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Monday, 12 May 2014

Work in Progress Part II

Hey everyone, I have another instalment of my "WIP".  In this post I hope to show you all how I attached my page signatures to my cover insert....

From my A4 Cardstock I have cut a strip that is 1" x 9" and I have folded this in half and adhered together using some double sided tape.
 I have then ruled ups some guidelines that are about a 1/4" apart and worked out where my pages will be positioned.  I then placed a dot where I would pierce my paper.
 I have pierced it at 3/4", 2 1/4" and 3 3/4"
  I have lined up all of my pages and pierced them as well

 Now to begin the sewing process.  I have used some 4 ply crochet cotton.
 and I have started in the binding strip.  I have brought the needle up into the strip and into the centre hole in the page
 then I have taken the needle back down through the hole on the lefthand side and back up through the centre hole again.

and back down through the right handside hole.   I have pulled as gently as I could so that the stitching was taut, but not tearing the cardstock.  I did this for all my pages. The following pics may explain the process better than I can.

The finished binding!!

My pages are now looking like this
Here is a close up on the sewing detail...

I then glued this into my cover 

OOOOOO I almost forgot...if you wish to decorate your spine on the outer cover, best to do it BEFORE gluing.  I have punched two holes added a couple of large eyelets and ran some pretty peachy coloured seam binding through.

 ....THEN I glued my pages in :)

 Now all that is left to do is add photo mats and embellishments.....that is for next week 

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