Monday, 14 July 2014

Sew Lovely Vintage Mini Sewing Box

Heya all....It's Mad About Scrappin Monday again and I have a really cute vintage mini sewing box to share with you all.  I received my latest design team kit from Leanne this week and O M G!!! You guys!! this kit was awesome!! It was jam packed with so many goodies I was gobsmacked!! I have to give a big THANK YOU to Leanne she really spoiled me.  Anyways..... One of the paper pads were Sew Lovely from Papermania.  I saw this and of course immediately thought sewing box!! Then my mind started racing and I thought ...."oooooo what if I could create a miniature version of the vintage sewing boxes????" and guess what?? I did!!!!!

I used a couple of Redhead matchboxes that look something like this....
...and they measure 2"x2 1/2" or 5cmx7cm

Then from some thin chipboard I created the base box.  I have some pics of the process, but not a lot.  I got busy with creating and making that I forgot to stop and the "during" pics.  But here is what I do have...

 Here it is in it's raw or naked form...
 ....and here I am playing around with some hinges
 Sorry guys this is where the process pics jump ahead and I have a few pics of me creating the handle from some popsicle sticks and a piece from a wooden skewer.  As you can see I have already begun covering the boxes.  I should let you know too, that I pulled the outer cover of the matchbox apart so that it creates a lid of sorts.

 I perfected my hinges and then cut them from some thick cardboard and covered them with some of the tape measure print from the collection.

 Here it is all finished and I am just trying out the hinges and making sure that they all move freely.

                                       and here are her Glamour shots!!

 TO embellish the "lids" or top of the boxes I have used a selection of paper roses, a metal bird charm, some sewing themed buttons and I have printed the words "Sew Lovely" on to some fabric.
 I have filled the insides with bits n pieces from my sewing supplies

I am really happy with how this turned out and to top it off it is functional and all parts move!!! I hope you have enjoyed my little Vintage Sewing box as much as I have.  Thanks so much for stopping by.  Please be sure to check out Mad About Scrappin on all the links below

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  1. This is Genius! Sew me Impressed!!!

    1. Sewww glad you like it Tangela.:D Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by. ~Kimi xx

  2. Very nice.. I love it.. I have a large wood box like this .. you did a great job replicating it with the paper..

    1. Thank you Auntie Bernie, I really appreciate you stopping by. I tried so hard to make it as close as possible to the real thing. :) Kimi xx

  3. Wow!! This is awesome Kimi!! Absolutely brilliant the way you designed and constructed it!! You are on fire girl!! Love this! ox

    1. Thank you so much Margaret....I was sewww happy with how it turned out!! Thanks so much for stopping by. ~Kimi xx