Monday, 16 September 2013

Shabby Chic "Love"

Hi everyone....Well it is springtime down here in Australia and I am suffereing from allergies yet again.  Sooooo I have been totally housebound for the last couple of weeks and I am thinking I still have a few more weeks yet before I can venture back outside again.  Lucky for me I have a well stocked craft room and a hoard of papers to get through.

Just before hay fever hit and I was able to still go up town...I found this little piece of home decor in one of our discount stores.  As soon as I saw it I know what I wanted to do to it!!
  Once I got it home I sanded the surface.  Even though it kinda looks like raw wood, it was more of a veneer.  After I removed some of the dust I gave it a coat of gesso.  I kept it fairly light on the back as I wanted the wood to show through and give that shabby chic slash worn look to it.
  I then set about covering it with some gorgeous soft shabby papers that I have had in my stash since - well lets just say a loooonnnnngggg time lol.
 I distressed the edges with a pair of scissors and then started adding all the yummy embellishments .... bling
 ....and flowers.  Before I knew it I was absorbed in the process or in the zone!!
 Here are some close ups of the finished piece....I just love soft and shabby and feminine!!

 You can also see this project on my youtube channel along with a  couple of little bonus projects I managed to do at the same time.  Please stop by my channel and leave a comment. I love to hear what all think.
I will be back real soon with some more projects.  You could say I have been on a bit of creative spree
Thanks for stopping by....

 ✿ღ.~♥  Live your Bliss ♥~ღ.✿


  1. Just watched your video my friend, love hearing your voice, both a comfort as makes you feel closer but then sad as realise how far away you are. Catch 22?!
    Still no idea how you get so much done...
    Hope allergy time passes quickly but then again, housebound is cool for us right? Lol :))

  2. A really gorgeous piece Kimi. Love the soft dreamy colour and the bling. Exquisite!! ox