Thursday, 1 August 2013

Some TLC

Hey there bloggers, I know it's been a while since I last posted.  I always vow to give my blog more TLC, but somehow something always seems to get in the way, whether it be life or I get in "the zone" with my creativity or just get plain slack.  It is always my poor little blog that is left our and neglected. Soooo today I am here to try and remedy that by actually doing some posts.  Now I thought I could sit here and do one big long post or I could break it up for you all and do a few posts.  Maybe have a few rests here and there...time for coffee and maybe a little of the boring stuff like housework.  I am gonna back track through July and share some of the things I got up to whilst I was on holidays in New Zealand.  So go grab a fresh hot cup of coffee or your favourite beverage and come join me for awhile.

                                                           See you soon.....

✿ღ.~♥  Live your Bliss ♥~ღ.✿

PS:  Also toying with the idea of revamping my blog background and header....what do you think?
Yay? or Nay? Please leave a comment and let me know


  1. Hi Kimi. I don't know how anyone else feels but anything "vintage" looking or with butterflies I LOVE, I say keep it!! Will be following!! :)

  2. Hey Kimi (yep, am here as promised, lol).
    As to header, love what you already have. But if you want to change (& baring in mind only had 1 cuppa), perhaps something that inspires you, a style you would like to aspire to? That way when you post, it reminds you.
    More than anything, I feel (just my opinion) a blog should reflect the host & be what YOU love rather than following trend.. Hope that helps. :)))