Saturday, 10 August 2013

Quick Flower Tutorial

Hey everyone....well as promised in my post below here is the flower tutorial....

Now let me see where to begin... you are going to need:

  • a small container, 
  • white glue; 
  • water; 
  • stirring stick
  • cling wrap
  • clear craft glue
  • 1" card stock circle
  • hot glue gun
  • buttons/pearls

I cut a strip of muslin or cheesecloth about an inch or so wide and about a metre or so long....

For this tutorial I have Helmars Professional Acid free white glue. I mixed approximately 50 parts water to 50 parts white glue.  You can make it more glue if you like.

This will just make your solution stronger and your piece of fabric stiffer once it dries. And I didn't really measure my "parts" just sorta ad-libbed it. After mixing thoroughly, I lowered my fabric in.

 Once my fabric was well and truly soaked. I squeezed out the excess solution and laid it out flat on the cling wrap to dry.

Once dry it looked something like this....

Here I have punched out a 1" circle from some scrap white cardstock, using my Fiskars circle punch.  This is going to be my flower base .

Using some Helmars clear craft glue I covered the cardstock circle and then began gluing my flower down.

Using my hot glue gun and small dabs of glue I rolled and twisted the cheesecloth to form the outside of the rose.

 I continued to do this till I was happy with the height and how it was looking.  Once I had done a few rounds and was happy with the amount of layers,  I started gluing a few rounds to the inside of the rose.  I think I only did about three, but you could do would just look fuller.  Once I was happy with the layers of my rose I just trimmed off the excess cheesecloth

This is what it my finished cabbage rolled rose looked like.

 All that there is left to do now is decorate the centre with whatever you have....

Here I have used a large brownish pearl

Here a silver vintage looking button

and here I have used a gold vintage button.... 

Here is my Cheesecloth Cabbage Rolled Rose after spraying it very lightly with some Lindy Stamp Gang's Golden Doubloons and Creme Brulee Cream

                                              and this is the one from my Snow Day layout....

A good friend also pointed out that these would make great fabric nests !! Why didn't I think of that???
Thanks for reading everyone...
Have a great weekend and be sure to .....
✿ღ.~♥  Live your Bliss ♥~ღ.✿


  1. great tutorial Kimi. Your flower is fabulous.

  2. Yep, good job with tutorial!!......
    I still won't be able to 'do' flowers, just not my niche, lol... Will leave it to experts like you :)))

  3. Thanks Kimi
    I have made similar roses but not with the glue, so off now to give this a go. Thanks so much for the excellent tutorial as well.