Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Altered Mini Gumball Machine

WOW two posts in one day....must be a record for me.  I have a back log of projects that I really need to finish and share with you all.  This little gumball machine is just one of them.  I altered this little cutie just before we flew off to New Zealand and I actually totally forgot all about her.  Soooooo without any further ado here she is.....

Some "before" shots:

  A couple of "during" shots:

 And the "After" shots:

I have used Prima Almanac  6x6 papers throughout, which I adhered down with Helmars 450 and then coated in some Mod Podge to seal it all.  I have used my hot glue gun to adhere the bird in place and a little bit of glossy accents for the pearl beads or "eggs".  The "nest" in the gumball section is made from some hessian and some white fibre or eyelash type trim. The flowers are all mulberry paper flowers that I have bought off ebay.  I covered a small know the mini ones that you sometimes receive as installation disks....I covered both sides with paper from the Almanac collection then adhered the gumball machine in place.  This gave me a larger area to embellish.  I have this up on my youtube channel for a closer can catch it here:

Well that's it from me today...I really should stop yakking to you all and get busy finishing a few projects I have on the go at the moment ....see you all soon
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  1. If you luurve comments then I shall leave one... Lol
    Another wonderful transformation. Gumball 'thingies' intrigue me as we don't have them in UK apart from massive ones in some public places...
    Adore Prima (have you seen their latest? NEED!!)... Love you nest with eggs, how tricky to get them inside?
    Then the 'Kimi' touch with pink, lace & pearls...
    Look forward to seeing your other WIPs... { } :))