Sunday, 5 May 2013

Sweet Sunday

Hey everyone....not much of a scrapping share with you all is Sunday down here and it is Autumn and I spent my sweet Sunday messing around in the leaves with my sweet sweet hubby lol. It is just so pretty here at this time of of my favourite seasons....all those glorious browns, yellows, reds, russets .... just soooo nice!!

So here are some rare shots for you all ..... something I hardly ever allow!! photo's  taken of me!!

Not to mention photo's of me being an absolute dork!!

I am not much of a layout scrapper, but me thinks I might have to scrap these ...what do you think.....

Here are a few extras.... Did I mention my sweet sweet hubby??? ;)  
I did, didn't I? 

Oh and also, have I ever mentioned I have a cat....a big beautiful persian cross....gorgeous ginger of course lol

This is Jasper and he is our baby....we just love him to bits.....I tried to sneak up on him sleeping....yeah right!! lol

Thanks for stopping by.......

✿ღ.~♥  Live your Bliss ♥~ღ.✿


  1. Wow Kimi! it is gorgeous where you live! We are enjoying spring here and it always blows my mind that across the world you are enjoying autumn :) My two favorite seasons! Gorgeous pictures and yes I think you should definitely make a layout with these and then share it with us :)

  2. Oh my, seriously beautiful Kimi & yes, would be great for scrapping (not that I know a lot when it comes to scrapping, lol).
    You are so funny in pics, that kinda "ok, gotta take some but feel a bit awkward so I'll just clown around a bit..." Having said that you look gorgeous, cool & trendy. You must be a yummy mummy!! Gosh, I SO need to get fit!! Good to see Bazza posing too, lol bla bla, get to the most important member of family....
    Jasper Wasper woodgie woo :-D:-D:-D:-D!!!!! He is SO handsome, yesh he is (said in the cootchy wootchy voice reserved for pussycats. They then look at you like "oh man, there's that silly talk again") Whoops, did I mention I ADORE pussycats??? Lol.
    Really good to see you & have a scenic blog post. Just right for a Sunday me thinks!! :) say hey to Bazza & huge squidgey for Jasper Wasper... Oh & a hug for you too, I'm feeling generous... Byeeee, sleep tight, Spk soon.....;-)

  3. Lol Caroline....some how I just knew Jasper would make you go all weak at the knees and gush....but he is just so so so squidgey-able lol

  4. sisssy!!! love LOVE THE pictures...what beautiful country! and I love your "MOCK" canvas, it turned out awesome. I yet to meddle in mixed art...not sure I can do that. I love to look at it wouldn't even know where to start. Looks like you've been busy creating and blogging! good for you!! miss you dearly...