Sunday, 14 October 2012

Running out of weekend

My weekend has gone by so fast...I feel like I accomplished very little.  It is spring here on my side of the pond and with it comes hay fever so I am under house arrest for the next few weeks.  Lucky for me I have a well stocked craft room to keep my hands and mind busy!!  I wanted to test out my rosebud pattern that I had floating around in my head.....and they look something like this.

 So I have created a "small" and a "large" rosebud, by using different sized crochet threads.  The one on the left is done in a 3-4ply thread and the is #8 crochet cotton

   I also made these 5 petal daisies, well I call em daisies...

Armed with my crochet buds n daisies I decided to try making a flower spray or two....I saw these sprays over at IAMROSES and was totally inspired to go make some.  Here are my attempts with the limited supplies I had on hand...I have used some of my crochet flowers, green silk ribbon, some florist wire that I managed to find at the cheap shop in my town and some stamen from my flower stash.  I sure hope my take on the flower sprays

Now I am off to buy some more tape....wire.....leaves.....mmmmm lets see what else??? 

Thank you all so much for looking...PLEASSE please leave a comment I really would love some feedback on these.....hugs to you all
much love and blessings


  1. Kimibee, I just love your crocheted flowers! They are lovely and I like the way you put them together in a spray. That would make a gorgeous accent on a mini album cover or a card focal. Thanks for sharing! Cindy Hoffmann Smith

  2. Hey Kimi! Robin here from over at Candy Creek. I LOVE LOVE LOVE you flowers! I also saw Elsie using them in a project. So my question is this....are you selling them on etsy??? Please say you are cause I'm in love with them. You can send me a message to to let me know. Thanks and have a blessed day!