Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Ok Back. . . . again. . . .

. . . . and with a full hot cup of coffee. . . . .how about you?

Well my next share is a quirky little home decor project that I really loved creating and altering.  It was really quick to do . . .  managed to complete the whole project in two days!!  Record time for me!!  Soooooooo here is my before shot!! . . . . YEP a retro ~ very retro :) ~ flour sifter!!!  See everything has "scrapabilities"

Well the first thing I did with this . . . . . was to give it a really good scrub . . . . washed all the grease, grime and oil off in some hot soapy water.  Then I gave it a couple of coats of white gesso.

 I did this as I wasn't too sure just how well the paint would go on the sifters original surface.  I think the guesso was a good primer or base coat.  I think I gave it about two coats and then waited for them to dry. Which didn't really take to long.

 I then added the base colour - honey blonde - which is creamy, buttery kinda colour. I gave it two to three coats of this . . . . as long as I couldn't see that retro pattern underneath I was happy :)

 I then added the Indian red trim to the base, top and handle.  To keep my lines neat and straight, I ran some masking tape around the top and about a 1/4" up from the base.  This gave me a nice even trim on both edges without any "accidents" :)  Whilst I was waiting for the trims to dry, I then agonised over which prints, papers and cutouts I was going to use.  Sometimes this is the longest part of the whole project for me ~ choosing which papers to cut up and glue down!!

Speaking of glue . . . I always use mod podge on my projects.  From mini album covers or altered boxes to altered projects like this. Not only is mod podge just fantastic for gluing paper down, but it gives a great protective to coat to your projects once you have finished.  I also used a decoupage lacquer by "Jo Sonja".  This is a brand used a lot down here in Australia for folk art and decoupaging.  This lacquer is very thick and you only need a few coats to get a high quality finish...

Once I had finally settled on my papers and cutouts, I proceeded to place them and layer them with embellishments, recollections bling, flowers and ribbon.  Graphic 45 papers are so beautiful . . . .  I find they don't really need a lot of embellishing and who wants to cover them up right? Oh and the flowers are some I made.  I used my cricut to cut out the shape and then Distress inks from Tim Holtz in Aged Mahogany and Tea Dye.

. . . . . . . My finished flour sifter . . . see not that hard really.  The hardest decision you will have is what papers to use . . . oh and if you haven't a flour sifter . . . what home decor item are you gonna alter?

I would love to see any home decor items you have altered . . . 

Well readers that is my lengthy read . . . . . here it is on youtube

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  1. Kimi!!! I love your creations!!! They are beautiful! You are so beautifully talented! Mucho hugs my friend! Violet

    1. Violet!! :) thanks so much for dropping by my great to see you!! Thank you also for your lovely compliment. {{Hugs}} Kimi xx

  2. So CUTE, Kimi!! Mine's a little different, and one which I actually USE.. I LOVE to bake! So, I'm going to have to keep my eyes open for another I could actually play with and alter like this! Thank goodness it's garage sale season around here, when I might find one for a REALLY reasonable price, right?!! We'll see!... ((Hugs)) and have a great day! ~tina

    1. Hey Tina, thanks for stopping by...hope you find one to really was a lot of fun!! Have a great day.... Kimi xx

  3. Hi Kimi, I so wish I had my grama's old sifter, the memories I have of it. I love this redo of yours, G45 Domestic Goddess is great. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Melinda.

  4. Oh my vintage goodness!!! I love this Kimi!!! the papers you picked are perfect:))) Thanks for all the tips on how to put it together:) I have some peanut cans I'm gong to be altering....someday soon.

  5. Kimi! This is totally awesome!

  6. Wow Kimi, I just love how it turned out. I love the paper choice and how you embellished it. Blessings Sherain