Saturday, 3 March 2012

Helllloooooooooo Blog Land

Hey have you all been?  Me??  I have been a little busy with life on the outside lol...outside cyberspace that is....Been busy creating and busy with all the family!! Spent a weekend away woooo hooo so nice to have a break from it all!!  Now that I am back, I am finding it hard to get back into the swing of things.  I have once again been really slack and neglecting my little blog...I really do have to get more diligent and show it much more TLC!!  SO what have you all been up to since I have been MIA???  I have been a little creative...would y'all like to see my Mariposa Mini??  I made this using the "Stack-it-up" hinge method by Laura Dension. I really loved this...the album looked awesome once it was completed.  I have to admit to adapting it a little....becuase I am such a lumpy and bumpy scrapper, I made the hinges with a half inch gap...more room for all those flowers.  This is one project that I was absolutely stoked with how it turned out!!  I didn't waste any paper...lucky cause I was using the good stuff lol.  So I will quit yakking and show you the pics!

and here is another quick share with all.  This is my take on Kathy Orta's vintage suitcase...I made mine a little smaller, but with the same papers.  This was one of  Dear Hubby's Christmas present this year....oops meant last year.  The mini inside is an ongoing project that is progressing sloooowwwwllly lol.  I loved making this...It was challenging, but well worth it!

Well I think that's it for today...At the moment I am in the middle of creating myself a weight loss junk journal.  I thought it would be a great way to keep track of my weight loss journey. Yup I am on a weight loss journey...or more a search for the thinner me lol.  I have been madly exercising to Jillian Michaels DVD's- man that women can whip you into shape!!  I am nearly there!!  Then comes the hardest part - maintianing it!!  Keeping that fat away. Not much left to do on my junk journal now...just some covering and adding some pockets, once it is done I will post some pics for you all to see.

One last thing before I go....I wanted to give a shout out to an online scrappy friend Tamara....Tamara has just opened the newest ning site on the block Scrapping Carolina please be sure to stop by and check her out.  It is early days yet, but Tamara has some great scrappy stuff planned...and who doesn't love scrappy stuff??  Would love to see you there, stop by, we would love it if you joined us for a coffee and a chat!!

    Remember readers ............  Live your Bliss 


  1. Hi hunny bunny! Love both of these projects! But then again, you already knew that! Have a great day Kimi! xoxo!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Linda...I really appreciate it!! Thank you also for the compliment!! SLowly but surely regaining confidence!! lol

  2. You mini is beautiful.

    Susana C.

    1. Susana, thank you so much for stopping by. Thank you also for the lovely comment. I really appreciate your support!!

  3. OHMYGOODNESS MY-Kimi! BE-A-UT-IF-UL Mini! I love the suite case - you know I might have somthing lurking around my craft room with a similiar MY-Kimi twist! :D LOL I love the charms hanging from the trunk and G-Gorgeous- Ha! You made me stutter!

    Seriously I LOVE them both! So pretty! The mini turned out great - the paper is put to great use, and don't get me started on the trunk! I love the stamps - and the paper. OH!

    Thank you for sharing such pretty projects!

    TTYS (Seriously we can't keep missing each other) -Jordan

  4. Ms J.....where have you been girly...gotta catch each other soon lol....<3 Kimi xxooxx