Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Me Again

Well everybody, much has been happening this week.  Sunday/Monday saw Nichole (aka minialbumscrapper) hold her Tags U-stream class.  However U-stream was not co-operating and after numerous stops and starts we decided to re-schedule at another date......So please stay tuned for the new dates and times.

We also announced the winner of our 6x6 Wall Art Challenge....and we have Lisa Black guest designing for us for the month of April.   Lisa did an amazing job on her Wall Art....please go check it out!!  You can find it here Mini Album Scraps and also over  on her brand new blog The Scrappin' Mommy

I also managed to do some creating this week YAAAAAAAAAAAAY.:D
Got some of my swaps done and dusted....packaged and posted!! \:d/ What a nice feeling that was....So look out Shar and Christina some parcels are heading your way.

Here are some of my creations from the last week.

A couple of my birdhouse designs.  I am not sure what to call them.  They are to big for a tag....and maybe a little small for a wall hanging....I'll let you decide!! ;)

I am now including a pocket on the back with some tags and notes for the recipients,

Both of these birdhouses were created using K & Company collections.  If I recall correctly they are Life's Journey and the Ancestry pad.   Love K & Company !!

My latest paper obsession is these Marie Antionette style paper shoes.... I am really loving them.  I first saw these at Teri Lynn Heinz blog Artful Affirmations where I downloaded her pattern or template and decided to try my hand at making one.  I have adapted Teri's pattern somewhat to fit my creativity and scrappiness.

I added a smaller inner sole or lining; enlarged the back heel panel so that it comes a little higher and I also enlarged the top toe piece.  It now forms a deeper pocket allowing a place to hide a tag; small charm or gift.    My heel is different too,  as I cover a soda bottle cap or lid with paper and then hot glued it to the sole of the shoe.  These are very addictive and I am totally loving how they are turning out.   Thank you so much Teri for sharing such an awesome project with us all. :x

Below are some more pics!! Again I have used K & Company papers.  They are the Madeline collection and the leftovers from the Ancestry Pad.

Last, but not least is my Corset tag.   I am loving these almost as much as I am loving those shoes!!  These tags a super quick to make and here is one I created this week using some paper scraps from years gone by!!  This is a little naughty but ...oh.... so.... nice!!  I really love how it turned out....just a little bit cheeky!! ;;)  The template is available in my template tab above.  Please feel free to go grab....just link it back to me....I would love to see what you create!!  

I used a plain piece of white chipboard.  Inked up the edges a little with Tim Holtz Tea dye ink to give it a skin tone.  Then covered it with the paper.  I used two different sorts, plain black and a pattern piece of red and black stripes; some eyelets and black ribbon.  One small red paper rose on the front.  I only glued the back of the corset around the edges so that I could create a pocket for a tag.  This way you can really personalise these little corsets to giveaway to friends and family.....OR even as invitations to a girls only night or maybe a hens party!!

Well sorry for the epic post readers.  This week has been another busy one both here and over at Mini Album Scraps.  We are presently organising a schedule for Ustream and hopefully we will soon have weekly shows for you all.  If you have any ideas for these please stop by and let us know......we want to bring shows that YOU want to see!!

Hoo-roo for now peoples and don't forget to stop by Mini Album Scraps to see all the new and exciting swaps we have happening for the coming month!!


Saturday, 12 March 2011

Altered Matchbox and Mini

~ღ♥ Back Again ♥ ღ~

Hey everyone! ;)  I am back again with another real quick share for you all.  I have altered a medium sized matchbox to make this little decorated treasure and inside is....Yes yet another little mini.  However this mini is not as small as my teeeny tiny micro mini....this one measure 1 3/4" x 2" or  4.5cm wide x 6cm long.   

So here are the pics...this little box and mini are just soooooo cute and I really enjoyed making them.....

Have a happy scrappy day 

¸¸,ø¤º°Believe it or Not°º¤ø,¸¸

Look at this bloggers....I just had to share!!  My nice clean and neat scrap tables!!  I rarely have them this neat!!  I spent most of my Friday cleaning and organising not only these tables but my whole room.  I have been madly creating and not cleaning between I was knee deep in paper and finding it very hard to get creative! I just had to do something!!

I just had to share it with you all whilst it still looked this good!!  It looks so nice I almost don't want to go in and mess it up.........NOT =))

I will be back soon to share this weeks project for Mini Album Scraps, plus some other bits n pieces!  Have you all had a squiz at our Wall Art Challenge?  This closes on the 21st March and gives you the opportunity to become a guest designer!!

Anyhoo readers I will be back soon.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

A Small Shout Out

Hey everyone there are a couple of new blogs on the block that I would like to give a quick shout out to....First shout tout goes to Em's Scrappy Bits. Emma happens to be my sons girlfreind, who has only recently got addicted to this wonderful craft.  She has a great funky style....please check her out ;)

My second shout out goes to my sweet friend Mely!!  Mely and I first met over at the Scrapbeach.  We had both joined at the same time and became fast friends!!!  Mely and I have shared much since, coffee and scrapchatting!!!  I was fortunate enough last year to have Mely go do some Michaels shopping for me.......oooooohhhhh the goodies she got for me!!!! :x  Anyway Mely has a blog and it is Mely's Blissful Scraps  Stop by and check her scrappiness out!!  She is just the sweetest!!

talk to you all soon!!

Another Challenge!!

Ladies!!  Over at Do You Stack Up  there is an awesome challenge going.   It is an anything goes challenge, but you have to GREEN it!!  So you can create anything a card, a tag, an ATC.....anything at all as long as you use the colour green!!  It can be green paper, lace, buttons, name it, as long as it is GREEN.....and there are some great prizes too!!! Just click the link above to go check it out......Anyhoo readers I was so inspired by the challenge that I created this spring themed banner....

Be sure to check out the challenge....closing day is wednesday at 2pm.............I'll be back soon.......real soon.....I have a few more things to share with you all!!



Wowsers  this week has just flown by....guess time really does fly when you are having fun and this week has definitely been one fun week for me :) Firstly, the girls over at Mini Album Scraps have asked me to be a permanent member of their team and I accepted :">
I have to admit I have been doing the happy-happy, joy-joy dance \:d/ around my scrap room all week.....and my smile has been this big :D.....

Secondly, I created these two little flip albums. These are super quick and easy to do aaannd they would make great gift ideas...especially with Mothers Day not that far away.  I have a video up over on youtube, where I give a few more details on how I made these.  Please stop by and check it out, Don't forget to leave a comment :X

Lastly, I celebrated growing another year older :-s.....I had a wonderful day spent with my boys and dear hubby.  I also received lots of wonderful birthday wishes from all of my online friends.....Thank you so much everyone....your warm thoughts and wishes really meant a lot to me!!

Well I have a few more posts to get organised, so I best keep moving to you all soon