Sunday, 6 March 2011

A Small Shout Out

Hey everyone there are a couple of new blogs on the block that I would like to give a quick shout out to....First shout tout goes to Em's Scrappy Bits. Emma happens to be my sons girlfreind, who has only recently got addicted to this wonderful craft.  She has a great funky style....please check her out ;)

My second shout out goes to my sweet friend Mely!!  Mely and I first met over at the Scrapbeach.  We had both joined at the same time and became fast friends!!!  Mely and I have shared much since, coffee and scrapchatting!!!  I was fortunate enough last year to have Mely go do some Michaels shopping for me.......oooooohhhhh the goodies she got for me!!!! :x  Anyway Mely has a blog and it is Mely's Blissful Scraps  Stop by and check her scrappiness out!!  She is just the sweetest!!

talk to you all soon!!

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