Tuesday, 15 February 2011

What Fun!!!

My first solo U-stream was such a blast!!  I had so much fun with everyone who attended.  Thank you to all of you who helped this show go so smoothly!!!  I have some special shout-outs to make.  A big big BIG thank you goes out to SuziQtt...I {heart} you gurl...You rock!!  All your support and help behind the scenes, and on the day was truly appreciated!!  Without you there I would have been lost. Another big thankyou goes to Sandy....for all of her help in the chat...Thank you so much Sandy....I couldn't have done it without you!!  You can find Sandy on her Youtube Channel TheSandyreeves ..... and SuzieQtt at her blog ScrappingSuzieQTT or you could just click on her blinkie  ;)

My second shout out goes to Tim Coffey...yes that's right readers  THE Tim Coffey...He sat in on my class and totally shocked all of us there!!  I was just so blown away!!  If wasn't already nervous enough can imagine how nervous I was after Tim said  :)) Thanks again Tim for hanging with us while I made my little mini. It was such an honour to have you join us!!  Tim now has a Youtube channel at TimCoffeyArt where he demonstrates how we can use recycled items in our art and scrapping projects.  You can also see more of his creativity here.

Well readers here is a pic of my Valentine Micro mini made during the show yesterday.  Thank to all the lovely ladies in my audience who helped make my show so much fun.......and eased my nerves.  I had such a blast!!!

Stay tuned for my next project and show!! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day!!


  1. Aw Thank you! It was my pleasure! I just wish my computer or internet hadn't flaked out on me during the ustream! But as usually Sandy came through to my rescue...which she would have done anyway! lol Can't wait until the next one!