Thursday, 10 February 2011

♥~ U-STREAM ~♥

I am going to be holding my first ever solo U-stream class or show over on my channel Kimibee I will be re-creating my little matchbox micro mini's from my Christmas Matchboxes, but with a Valentine theme.....please come join me as I turn this mini marvel into a key ring mini album!! Show is Monday 14th February at 11 am (AEDT).

All you will need to make this project along with me will be a piece of 6"x6" patterned paper; some scrap chipboard to cover and some co-ordinating papers or cardstock to use on your cover; an eyelet!! a small one lol; mod podge; some chain and a key ring!!   If my link above is not working please search for "Kimibee" on U-Stream!!  I hope to see you there.


  1. I hope i can come Kimi.. I am having a house full of people for hubs birthday. Which is really tomorrow but fam is celebrating on Sunday.. If I can, I promise I will be there. But if not.. just know I am with you in spirit.. Don't be nervous! YOU CAN DO THIS!! You are so talented! I love these mini's soo pretty!.. <3 Tori

  2. Hey this will be Sunday my time right? lol the whole future thing with you throws me off...i want to attend so bad so I'm makign an effort to have everything done!
    Good luck! how fun!
    love ya

  3. I will be there. I just need to make sure I tuck the kids in bed a few min. early LOL Can't wait to see ya create this. Hugs, Tammy

  4. Yaaaaay!! Thank you ladies.....I am excited!! although the nerves are building!! See you there

  5. Well ... that was a great class! Loved it! Can't wait to start making one. A pity I couldn't be there all the time :-(. But well, next time better! Dearest Kimi, thanks for sharing this with us.