Monday, 7 February 2011

Hey there everyone.....Look what my cyb sis and very dear friend Elsa left for me....

Imagine my surprise when I found this...How can I ever thank you....Elsa is such a huge support to me!! Her kindness and encouragement always warm my heart and my soul...I love creating, making and even a little designing!! Thanks to Elsa I am now growing more confident to put myself and my stuff out here for all to see. She is such a warm and loving person and I cannot imagine my life without her in it!! So now it is my turn to share 8 things about myself and then to pass this award on to 8 people....It is not easy to choose just 8!

Now........ let me see 8 things about me

  1. I used to bite my fingernails really badly....only stopped about 18 months ago
  2. Was a pack a day smoker....haven't had one in 7 years.  I went cold turkey!!  One of the hardest things I have ever done!
  3. I love to do hand embroidery; crochet and sew cloth dolls
  4. Like Elsa I loooooooooooove my coffee and probably drink way to much of it!  But I can't help it....Just gotta have it!!
  5. I believe Karma truly exists...and live by the philosophy "do unto others" in every aspect my everyday life!!
  6. I love love love to read...and will read anything....fiction, non fiction!  If the blurb captures me then I am hooked and have to read the book.  I have been known to read a book in a day..."The Davinci Code"  Once I started I just could not put it down!!
  7. I don't watch much tv, I get bored real quick with it....but can't help myself when CSI; CSI New York: The Mentalist; Criminal Minds; NCIS; Medium: Supernatural....
  8.  I love to listen to rock music!! Especially P!nk 

Well there you have it....8 things about me!!  Now for my 8 blogs...this really isn't easy you know.....finding just 8!!But here goes:

Crafting Passionz ....Shar is the new blog on the block, and has been a great friend and a wonderful support....She encourages me to show my stuff to the world!!  Thank you Shar for all that you do!!  Plese go check her out...not only is she an awesome person but she is an awesome papercrafter and her creations are just divine!!

Tracey Just love Tracey's style and her creations are soooooooooo delicious....they make me drool!! ;D

Michelle   Michelle showed me how to take that first leap...and to have faith!!  Thank you Michelle...

Regan....Regan was my first ever swap partner!!  Her work is amazing!  and she is such an inspiration!! Just to hear her voice warms my heart and makes me smile!!

Nichole  I really love Nichole and love her's a geat mix of grunge and vintage!!! Totally in love with her creations!

Tori.... sweet; sincere; genuine and down to earth.....what more can I say!!  Love her and her creations.....especially her dress forms!!

Amy ...a busy Mum of three who still finds time in her busy day to scrap, create and blog!!  I really like Amy's style...please stop by, check her out and leave a comment. skype scrap buddy!!  We meet as often as we can to scrap, chat and drink coffee!  She is inspirational and really motivates me to complete my projects!!  Lynley is a great friend and I don't know where I would be with out her!! Thank you Lynley I truly appreciate your belief in me....♥♥♥

Well there it is my 8 blogs....not an easy thing to all you have to do to pass this award on is to create a post....tell us 8 things about you and nominate 8 blogs!!

Happy Scrappin All


  1. Wow Kimmi what an honour!!! thankyou but you give me too much credit Your creations and wonderful nature would have done it without me which Im sure many of your wonderful friends would agree with. Gosh Congrats on being a non smoker 7 years wow. I am a smoker who hates the taste, the smell, and the thought of being a smoker. I will be a non smoker this year!!! lol
    take care lovely lady

  2. Kim, what a sweet reward!!
    It was so wonderful to learn a little more about you!!
    Hope you have a blessed week!