Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Butterfly Garden Storage Box

Hey guys just wanted to quickly share another storage box I have created for my daughter in law Emma.  She really loved my Botanical Tea one....which you may remember from a few posts looked like this.  Well I created one for her from the gorgeous DCWV stack - The Butterfly Garden and this is how it turned out ...

I have a video up over on my youtube channel here 

Well readers that's it for today!! Very short n sweet...
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Monday, 21 April 2014

Altered Paintbrush and Mousetraps

Hey guys I am back was your Easter? I hope you all didn't eat too much chocolate!!

Today I am back with a couple of really quick projects.  Yes I am still using the Botanical Tea papers from Graphic 45, But I thought with Mothers Day coming up this could make some really unique gift ideas.

First I have for you a couple of Altered Mousetraps that I have turned into Shabby Chic fridge magnets.....

I completely pulled the mousetraps apart and gave them a couple of coats of gesso.

Then I set about covering them with just some leftovers and some scraps from my previous projects and on each of them I have used some of the 2.5cm Curly Roses. As they are so small they were completed really quickly.  Which meant I could move onto altering this paintbrush.

I managed to find some paintbrushes that come with raw wooden handles....the only downside of them is that the largest size I can get is 3inches, but that is not too bad as I have found that I can get a lot onto that small piece of real estate!!

I have used satin flowers, a piece of an old doily, lace, some scraps from the Botanical Tea - "Fauna" which I layered with "Sweet Chamomile"

 I have added an Elise Satin Bloom to a piece from an old cotton doily.
 I fussy cut a butterfly from the papers and added a thin coat of glossy accents for durability.

 The final touches were some snippets of bling from my stash, a seam binding hanger and one of those gorgeous resin birds.

Here is the finished project....something a little different and avery unique gift giving idea... You can also see this project over on youtube

Well I hope you have enjoyed my  Mad About Scrappin share for this week...
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Thursday, 17 April 2014

My Tablet Cover

Hey guys ..... just a really really quick share for you all today.  I recently altered an old book that I picked up from an op shop into a cover for my tablet.  I was sooo lucky to actually find one that fit it perfectly!!  .....and this is how it turned out

well readers that is it.....that is my super quick share for you all today.  You can see this on my youtube channel too
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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Shabby Chic Oval Box

I have been on quite a creative roll lately!! and just seem to making one project after another.  Today I have a little oval box to share with you all.  Sorry guys I have no before pics and no process ones either.  I just got busy with it and didn't even think of stopping and taking pics.

This little box started out as one of those brown paper mache boxes that you find at most craft shops.  This one was the middle sized one from a set of three nesting boxes.  

It is my first attempt line a box!!  I have used some thinnish wadding from my quilting stash and some pretty pink satin fabric and a LOT of fabric tack :)  

I have to admit I really did think this was a bit beyond me and that it would be too difficult to do....but I was was much easier than I imagined and I had it done pretty quickly!  I first glued the wadding around the sides of the box and then whilst it was drying I made a couple of chipboard templates of the lid and the inside base.  After a bit of fussy cutting to get the size just right, I adhered the wadding to both of the templates with some fabric tack.  I set these aside to dry and went back to glueing the pink fabric around the sides.  I wanted to give my inner pieces the appearance of being quilted so I added some rhinestone brads to the base.  To the lid I also wrapped the ribbon around so that little tags, photo's or memorabilia could be tucked inside!

The outside of the box is covered in an old collection by Grant Studios, designed by Grace Taylor.  These papers are quite rare now, but they are just beautiful and I love how shabby chic and soft the colours are.  

I have used a few paper flowers, recollections bling, pearl trim and seam binding to decorate the lid and "front" of the box.  The little die cut pieces are actually from Kaisercraft's "True Romance" collection, but they match perfectly. 


I have to admit that I am really very happy with how this little box turned out.  I also have a video up on my youtube channel if you would like to go check it out!! 
 and a lot of pics at my facebook page 

Much love and blessings to you all over Easter
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Monday, 14 April 2014

Shabby Chic Altered clock

Happy Easter everyone.....I know I may be jumping the gun just a tad early, but you see as you are reading this I am away camping.  So I hope you all have a wonderfully "Hoppy" Easter and get lots of chocolate!!

Today I have another Botannical Tea project to share with you all.  I promise guys I am nearly done with this paper pad....well almost there are just a few more projects I want to create with it.  These papers have been just awesome to work with...the more I create with them, the more I want to create!! and I have so many projects running around in my head....I can't get them out quick enough :) Anyway enough with the chit chat and on with the important stuff ... THE PHOTO's!!!

I don't really have any process pictures...sorry!  Once I pulled the clock completely to pieces I gave it all a coat or two or three of gesso.  Whilst I was waiting - somewhat impatiently - for it all to dry, I cut the centre pieces from the papers.  Once dry I began the tricky process of trying to put it all back together .... something I am not very good at as I paid absolutely no attention to how it all came out !!.

I covered the outside of the clock with a strip from "Hello Friend" and topped with  "Herbal Infusion.

The front of the clock is decorated with some of those lovely pastel curly roses 2.5cm and a chipboard word, which I have left raw so that it stands out against the white background.
I have added a couple of tiny little pastel roses, stamen and fussy cut the butterfly which I have layered with some glossy accents to strengthen it.
  I draped some cheesecloth over one of the bells and strategically glued it in place so that it "flows" down the side of the clock.
I have had so much fun creating this, that I have plans for the other one now!!  I have been dying to do these for ages and I am really happy with how this one turned out.

Well that's my Monday Mad About Scrappin share for this week.  Thanks for stopping by..... Don't eat too much chocolate ;)

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